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Ways to prepare for your massage...

1. Remember to drink plenty of water before and after your massage.

Massage breaks up and releases built-up toxins as your therapists loosens your muscles and gets your blood and oxygen circulating as nature intended, but a massage is dehydrating in nature. Staying hydrated before and after a massage is recommended because the water helps flush out toxins.

2. Wear loose, comfortable clothing

When your prepare for a massage, plan to wear or at least bring loose comfortable clothing with you. Plan to wear loose comfortable clothing to your massage to begin your relaxation process. You will be asked to undress, to your comfort level, for your massage. Wearing loose clothing to your massage will make the undressing process much easier for you. After your massage, you may feel tender or just extremely relaxed and you will appreciate not having to put on restrictive clothing.

3. Breath Normally

The relaxation of your body and mind is key to getting the most out of your massage session. Your therapist will be working to loosen your muscles. Normal breathing helps expedite relaxation. Often, people will hold their breaths or limit their breath while on the massage table because they feel nervous – this can be counterproductive. Holding your breath often contracts your muscles more, making them tougher to loosen. Inhale and exhale normally while your
therapist executes various massage techniques.

4. Don't hesitate to communicate to your therapist

Your massage therapist is there to help you feel better. If you have a specific problem area or purely just want to relax on the table – let your therapist know. Your massage therapist will likely use oils and lotions to reduce friction during your massage, make sure you communicate any allergies you may have. Additionally, your therapist is a licensed professional but they want to know if you experience any discomfort from applied pressure and they can adjust their
technique to accommodate your physical needs

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