FinchBerry Shimmer Body Wash - Cranberry Chutney

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SPARKLING CLEAN – Experience true relaxation with this eye-catching body wash that smells as lovely as it looks. A daily wash packed with rich ingredients that delicately cleanses skin and leaves the body hydrated.

HYDRATING INGREDIENTS – Hyaluronic acid is the key to smooth, flawless and hydrated skin. Gently lather and rinse off for a silky finish that leaves skin feeling irresistibly soft.

CRANBERRY CHUTNEY – Made from a crisp blend of cranberry and apple woven into hints of blackberry that give warm, comforting sensations of home and hearth.

PRETTY PERFECTION – Shimmering swirls in eye-catching colors, highlighted in a decorative bottle, this lovely wash is the perfect addition to any bathroom.

GIFTING SENSATION – A gift for any occasion, consider this body wash for a shower, birthday or new mom. Pairs perfectly with our hand cream or salt soak for spa gift basket.

FinchBerry Shimmer Body Wash - Cranberry Chutney

Treat yourself with this deliciously irresistible body wash that smells as inviting as it looks. The enchantingly warm scent of apple and cranberry, blended with luxurious lather will be a welcomed indulgence for your mind and body. While ultra-hydrating hyaluronic acid leaves your skin feeling velvety soft.


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