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A healthy immune system benefits your body and boosts your defenses against viruses (coronavirus), bacteria, and other pathogens.

Yoga is an extraordinary method to support your respiratory immune system, so we’ve gathered together six of the best yoga positions to help your strengthen your immunity. These postures are an incredible method to guarantee you remain in sound health.

Shishuasana (Child pose)

Kneel on your mat, with your knees hip-width apart and your big toes making contact behind you. As you breathe out, drop your hips back toward your heel and allow your middle to rest over your thighs. Reach your arms out before you, and drop the elbows down toward the floor. Roll your shoulders from the ears and let the neck become long by arriving at the highest point of your head forward. Inhale profoundly here, and rest for a couple of breaths or a couple of moments.

Child’s pose strengthens the sensory system and adrenal organs, promoting relaxation through the entire body. Forward folds like these are useful for promoting profound sleep. This posture likewise strengthens your immune system by stimulating the lymphatic system.

ReAwaken Spa | Mind, Body, & Soul

Setu Bandhasana (Bridge pose)

Lie down on the mat with your feet on the floor and your knees in the air. Rest your hands on either side of your body. Inhale fully and press down strongly through the feet and legs, lifting the hips and chest. Slide a block underneath your hips and rest your sacrum, or lower part of the spine, over the block. Make sure the block is supporting the hips and spine — this shouldn’t be uncomfortable. When you’re ready, press through the feet again, lift the hips, remove the block, and return to the floor.

The bridge pose creates expansion in the heart, lungs, and upper chest. This pose stimulates the thymus gland and circulatory system, which increases the body’s ability to fight infection. 

ReAwaken Spa | Mind, Body, & Soul

Halasana (Plow pose)

Plow pose, or Halasana, is a relaxing asana typically done at the end of a practice.

Because it requires a great deal of mobility in the spine and hamstrings, it is best done when the body is fully warm.

This pose helps signify the transition from more active yoga postures to more relaxing poses. It is often performed after a Shoulderstand, such as in the Ashtanga sequence.

It is important to keep the neck in good alignment when practicing this posture, as much of the weight of the body is in the head, neck, and shoulders.

Caution: Make sure to not look around when performing Plow Pose and avoid this position if you have any neck conditions.

ReAwaken Spa | Mind, Body, & Soul

Bhujangasana (Cobra pose)

Lie on your mat, belly down, legs long behind you, forehead and tops of the feet on the floor. Rest your hands, palms facing the mat, fingertips underneath the shoulders. Inhaling deeply, lift your head, neck, and chest upward. Draw the shoulders back and down away from the ears, and take care not to press into the palms. Breathe fully and hold the pose for a few breaths. On a deep exhale, return your forehead to the floor and extend your arms alongside the body on the mat.

This powers your immunity by stimulating the digestive system. Cobra pose allows the lungs to expand, strengthening the respiratory system and easing stress. Try rolling cobra by lifting the head and chest on the inhale, and returning the forehead to the floor on the exhale.

ReAwaken Spa | Mind, Body, & Soul

Dhanurasana (Bow pose)

Lie on your stomach with your feet hip-width apart and your arms by the side of your body.
Fold your knees and hold your ankles.
Breathing in, lift your chest off the ground and pull your legs up and back.
Look straight ahead with a smile on your face. Curve your lips to match the curve of your body!
Keep the pose stable while paying attention to your breath. Your body is now taut as a bow.
Continue to take long deep breaths as you relax in this pose. But don’t get carried away! Do not overdo the stretch.
After 15 -20 seconds, as you exhale, gently bring your legs and chest to the ground. Release the ankles and relax.

ReAwaken Spa | Mind, Body, & Soul

Matsyasana (Fish pose)

Lie on your back. Your feet are together and hands relaxed alongside the body.
Place the hands underneath the hips, palms facing down. Bring the elbows closer toward each other.
Breathing in, lift the head and chest up.
Keeping the chest elevated, lower the head backward and touch the top of the head to the floor.
With the head lightly touching the floor, press the elbows firmly into the ground, placing the weight on the elbow and not on the head. Lift your chest up from in-between the shoulder blades. Press the thighs and legs to the floor.
Hold the pose for as long as you comfortably can, taking gentle long breaths in and out. Relax in the posture with every exhalation.
Now lift the head up, lowering the chest and head to the floor. Bring the hands back along the sides of the body. Relax.

ReAwaken Spa | Mind, Body, & Soul

A healthy, disease-free body can be easily achieved by maintaining a healthy lifestyle, including eating unprocessed, whole foods, maintaining a regular wellness plan including Yoga, Massage Therapy, and Sauna Sessions, getting plenty of sleep, and minimizing stressors. 

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