Setting Massage Goals To Gain The Most From Your Massage Treatments

We all know setting goals is an important step to accomplishing the “big things” we set out to achieve. However, goal setting is important with all aspects of our lives and can be applied even in massage therapy. For example, setting goals with you massage therapist can be an important tool for progression along your health journey. 

Why Set Massage Goals?

Defining objectives helps push us ahead. Defining goals for our massage therapy sessions or bodywork treatment plans will do likewise. It might seem like an odd idea – setting goals for massage therapy?

“I just want to relax and melt into the table!” you’re probably thinking, and that’s a completely reasonable and important goal in itself, but if there’s a bit more to having a massage for you, then thinking about what it is you want to get out of massage therapy can be incredibly beneficial to you.

Whether you’re looking for muscle recovery after a weekend marathon, better mobility in your neck, reducing swelling after surgery, or simply a good night’s sleep-  massage therapy goals can range from medical necessity to becoming more mindful in life.

As those of you who have been to receive massage treatment, you may have noticed it’s a common question we ask on our client intake forms – ” What is your primary reason(s) for seeking massage therapy and goals for treatment?”.

The sorts of goals that people often mention include reduce pain, reduce tension, improve movement, improve flexibility (these may be general or to a specific area), relaxation, improve energy levels, and decrease stress levels.

Therapy Goal Examples

Setting your goals can be really valuable for you and your massage. They don’t have to be detailed, but discussing why you are seeking massage therapy and what benefits you would like to receive helps us to better meet your needs, which in turn helps you achieve and receive the best treatment here at ReAwaken Massage, Facial, and Wellness Spa. Here are some examples that may help define you own massage therapy goals: 

  • Managing everyday stress
  • Life-body balance
  • Reducing pregnancy pains and body aches
  • Gaining more flexibility in your back and shoulders 
  • Accelerating post-surgical recovery time 
  • Improving posture and reducing “tech neck” 
  • Gaining more range of motion 
  • Zoning out for 60 minutes of bliss
Setting a massage treatment goal defines purpose to your overall wellness plan…even if it is just to relax and drift away for a while! Talk with your therapist during your initial intake and at regular intervals to ensure we can help you get the most out of your massage sessions. 

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